Dolores Hart - 1st August Ireland 2020.
Dolores Hart Elvis Presley and Ireland.

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Update. News 7th August 2020. #Graceland is sure to be in the news during Elvis week.

Irish entrepreneur Gavin Duffy regularly retweets my messages on #twitter  My elvis video is on tiktok  

The Irish Rock and Roll Museum is interested in displaying a sample of my Elvis memorabilia.  The Irish Sun newspaper story about property developer, Harry Crosby, buying my Elvis memorabilia collection is travelling the world now via twitter and the internet forums.

The Irish Times publishes video of my Elvis Story Museum, Swords county Dublin, Ireland. 

RTE1 TV TODAY Show features my Elvis Presley memorabilia! Yippeeee! 

Look out for the Elvis Presley Story Museum, Swords, county Dublin, Ireland, on for an appointment. Lorraine Clifford-Lee, an Irish government Senator  came to see the Elvis memorabilia.  

Search Elvis at 13 Tupelo Mississippi. President Donald Trump was in the city recently. Bill Clinton should go there to see Elvis Presley's birthplace.

Join me on facebook. On Twitter too.. 


On the left my painting of Elvis Presley as he looked 1957.

Some years ago, "Record Collector" magazine  featured the 1953 "My Happiness" by Elvis Presley story in it's issue out 5th August 2010. 

Captain Edwin Leek Junior of OZA, TWA & American Airlines. Retired died 4th June 2010 owned the acetate disc. The recording was auctioned for $300,000 A neice of Ed Leek the benificiary.

More pictures on photospage.

Ed Leek's friends in Ireland and the USA contacted me to seek help in publicising his amazing story concerning the 1953 Acetate recording of "My Happiness" and "That's When Your Heartaches Begin" by a very young Elvis Presley.

Ed was seeking a wealthy Elvis fan who will purchase the disc and perhaps display it for ALL Elvis fans to see.


Sister Dolores Hart kindly replied to a letter from yours truly back in 1998 and since then we have exchanged a few messages, usually concerning  Elvis Presley and the Abbey's CDS of Gregorian Chants. Her latest note and Christmas card from Bethlehem CT USA arrived  recently encouraging me to keep up our correspondence. Eat your heart out Kiwi of FECC. ;-)

Dolores Hart's young life was one of a mixture of love and heartbreak. Her Father and Mother were both actors and destined to part company. At the time Dolores a small and lonely little girl was packed off from Hollywood  to her grandparents in Chicago.  

Listening to her relate her childhood story on a 20/20 TV Documentary was a revelation.   

• This Is Elvis (1981) .... Home movie footage
• Come Fly with Me (1963) .... Donna Stuart
• Lisa (1962) .... Lisa Held ... aka Inspector, The (1962) (UK)
• Sail a Crooked Ship (1961) .... Elinor Harrison
• Francis of Assisi (1961) .... Clare
• Where the Boys Are (1960) .... Merritt Andrews
• Plunderers, The (1960) .... Ellie Walters
• Lonelyhearts (1958) .... Justy Sargent ... aka Miss Lonelyheart (1958)
• King Creole (1958) .... Nellie
• Wild Is the Wind (1957) .... Angie
• Loving You (1957) .... Susan Jessup
• Forever Amber (1947) (uncredited) .... Girl

Notable TV Guest Appearances
• Virginian, (1962) in episode: "The Mountain of the Sun" (episode # 1.28) 17 April 1963
• Playhouse 90" (1956) in episode: "To the Sound of Trumpets" 1960
• DuPont Show with June Allyson, The" (1959) in episode: "The Crossing" 1959
• Schlitz Playhouse of Stars" (1951) in episode: "Man On a Rack" 1958
• Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (1955) playing "Claudia Powell" in episode: "Silent Witness" (episode # 3.5) 3 November 1957

"Goldmine" magazine features the "My Happiness" story January 2009 edition.

From Hollywood to Bethlehem,

A Star shines bright and clear.






The Unofficial Mother Dolores Hart story.

We are in the embryonic stages of this webpage devoted to a remarkable lady. Please return as it is to grow day by day.

The remarkable life story of  Dolores Hart appears in the book, "The Ear of the Heart" by Dolores and Richard DeNeut, 2013 .  In it is found  her  struggle to come to terms with her inner self. Mother Dolores Hart Prioress, osb  these days bravely struggles with a debillitating disease , yet finds time to do her duties as a Nun and lends her name to a charity fighting the rare disease.

She also gives the odd interview to the media and has no trouble at all answering the most seaching questions which are often more of an inquisition about her private life as a movie Star.   

Please bear with me as I research  or rather renew all I have learnt of the movie star Dolores Hart from now on to be simply referred to as Dolores. (The name Dolores meaning Sorrow) One of my  own sisters is named Dolores. Coincidently our grand-daughter Katie shares the same birthday as Dolores Hart.

Stories about Elvis Presley and Dolores can be found by searching the net. There are some neat ones available.


Photo Right: Dolores and Elvis in a scene from, "Loving You" 1957

CDs including, "Women in Chant", can be obtained from the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem Connecticut.

Dolores Hart and Elvis Presley, "Loving You", movie 1957.